Teach Mugs

Comical mugs for your teachers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we setup an online store to sell funny mugs for teachers.

Whilst the majority of the UK public were placed in lockdown working remotely (if at all), our teachers continued to provide education to key workers children at serious times then the rest of school students when lockdown was eased.

To support teachers in risky environments, we realised it would help for them to have uniquely identifiable mugs to distinguish among others in the staff room. With some silly messages on each design, it also adds some much needed laughter to raise spirits during tough times.

The first design was our "Keep your COVID hands off my mug", followed by "Gold star for me". Eight more designs were added to the series of ten which were released for the Black Friday 2020 sales.

Gold star for me Keep your COVID hands off my mug Mmmmmm… cold coffee Please don't eat the glue, children Teachers are like Swiss Army knives - tough and multi-functional This tea was made at 7:30am Tuck your shirt in What's that on the desk? Don't touch it! You mean I actually have to teach you?

To reduce costs, the original store was migrated from Shopify to Etsy marketplace in early 2021 - a huge global community where potential customers are able to order their own mugs and share with friends. We've also setup Facebook and Instagram accounts where we can engage and reshare customers own photos and ideas.

Buy a mug for yourself or a teacher you care for