Returning from an unplanned hiatus

Following a (slightly longer than planned) Summer break, we’ve decided to restore this project with a number of different initiatives.

First off, this website is getting a lick of paint along with some fresh and regular content to outline our plans. Be sure to keep one eye on the blog or, if you prefer, our @ProgressingUK Twitter account for updates. (Feel free to say hello and ask any questions you may have.)

Secondly, we are ramping up our app we started developing back in 2014 with a number of teachers focused on personal development. This is a touch-friendly application with a mobile-first approach, suitable for the modern teacher adopting digital technologies where possible.

Finally, we have some training programmes in development to teach the foundations of coding websites with our selection of Web 101 courses. These have been refined over the past few years along with our web professionals who have been delivering the content to Prince’s Trust students.